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At South Waterfront Eyecare, our philosophy is simple: we provide premium quality eye care services, promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles and contribute to our community – all while making sure our clinic upholds the style and panache that are hallmarks of Portland’s South Waterfront neighborhood!

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Dry Eye Treatment

If you have experienced some dry eye symptoms, then you know how bothersome and annoying it can be. Unfortunately, dry eye is more than just an annoyance. It is a chronic and progressive condition, otherwise known as an Ocular Surface Disease.

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South Waterfront Eye Care offers a full range of optometric services including eye exams, eyeglasses fittings, contact lens services, LASIK co-management, ocular disease diagnosis and management, and emergency eye care.


We will do our best to accommodate your busy schedule. Request an appointment today!


At South Waterfront Eye Care, we’re proud to offer one of the finest collections of designer eyewear and eyeglasses in Portland, Oregon.

This place is amazing! I hadn't been in before and needed new lenses. I was amazed by the quality of the lenses I got. They got the new Shamir lenses before anybody else in town, and they had so much experience with them. They were able to answer all of my questions and I was so happy with the service I got. Rashad (I think that was his name) was incredible, and I can't recommend this place enough. Sarah F.

Sarah F.

I have been exceptionally happy with my experience at South Waterfront Eye Care. I have an eye condition called keratoconus, which requires specialized focus and fitting for contact lens.


The entire office has been a pleasure to work with. They are incredibly professional, but also warm and approachable. It's really a pleasure to have them as my optometry office and I would enthusiastically recommend them to anyone.

James P.

Dr. Ioussifova is professional, kind, and patient. She is clearly deeply knowledgeable about my condition and provided valuable counsel regarding the best contact lens. She has been extremely patient in the fitting of the contact lens and accommodating as well.


Wonderful location for eye care. The staff are personable, caring and knowledgeable. I started using PRN, the fish oil capsules they sell, and have noticed a substantial change in my eyes. The cost is under what I could find anywhere else.

Jann S.

I had such a wonderful experience with Dr. Mila and her team. She answered all my questions and was never rushed. Their place is clean, filled with light, and relaxed. I like their eco-friendly paperless charting and their mascot, Arlo. Also, their selection of frames is extensive- with the one on one help that Rishad provided, I was able to pick out a super awesome pair of frames and non-rx sunglasses! This place of business is refined and I’ll keep going back for years to come.

Alicia W.

Visited all potential frame shops in the area and returned here. They were highly professional, knowledgeable, and had patience with a couple long visits. Very pleased with my new Lindbergs! Am returning to order a second pair tomorrow.

Rob P.

A thorough exam, a clear explanation, a pleasant manner and an on time appointment is the standard for Dr. Ioussifova. I have been her patient for three years and would recommend her fully without any hesitation. Don’t look anywhere else.

Mic F.

The thing that I appreciate when visiting any medical professional is a healthy balance of current (and forward-thinking) knowledge in their discipline, and good listening skills. Because she possesses both of these characteristics, I have had no reason to seek out anyone else but Dr Mila Ioussifova for the past few years for my ophthalmic needs. I trust her opinion and advice.

Kate E.

I’m impressed by the quality of care and attention to detail I have received from Dr. Mila at South Waterfront Eye Care. It’s clear that the doctor and her staff sincerely strive to give each patient the individual attention they deserve from their health care professionals.

Paul S.

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