Introducing, the Seraphin Collection!

Introducing, the Seraphin Collection!Now presenting, the Seraphin collection by OGI Eyewear!

We have just added this beautiful collection of eyewear to our inventory! These neoclassical pieces are very luxurious, yet affordable. New pieces from Seraphin range from classic vintage styles to sleek modern looks! Whatever frame you choose, you know you are getting top of the line ophthalmics made from the highest quality acetate and titanium. Seraphin has won awards for its beautiful frames, and celebs young and old have been spotted sporting OGI’s designs.

These sophisticated and romantic pieces have a fashion forward aesthetic with an unbeatable price for their quality! In the tradition of affordable luxury and quintessential vintage style, the Seraphin collection hearkens back to a time and place when sophistication drove the fashion world.

Come by the shop to check them out!

Introducing, the Seraphin Collection!

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