dry eye treatment

If you have experienced some dry eye symptoms, then you know how bothersome and annoying it can be.  Unfortunately, dry eye is more than just an annoyance. It is a chronic and progressive condition, otherwise known as an Ocular Surface Disease.

Yes, it is a disease! In fact, it is a common, but misdiagnosed or underdiagnosed disease. It affects about 50 million Americans and, unfortunately, this number is on the rise. At South Waterfront Eye Care, we specialize in treating the root cause of this disease, not just the symptoms. We are the only office in Portland to offer in-office MiBoFlo treatment. MiBoFlo ThermoFlow is a new technology targeted at treating the root cause of lipid-deficient dry eye disease.

The data is in; we know that more people will suffer from this condition. Why wait to develop the problem when we can prevent it? We are passionate about preventative care and have the tools to help you keep your eyes healthy for life!