Our 1 Year Anniversary + Featured Local Artist: Jocelyn Staskus!

This week marks one year since we opened our doors at South Waterfront Eye Care! It has been an amazing year, both challenging and rewarding. We would like to thank the support of our patients, friends, family, and Portland’s South Waterfront community; we wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. Here’s to another fantastic year!

We are very excited to announce that for the next two months our office will feature the work of local artist, Jocelyn Staskus. Jocelyn is an amazingly talented photographer, ceramicist, graphic designer, drawer, and painter. She has a variety of experience wearing many different hats in the visual arts industry from graphic design to art direction! We are displaying her explorative and mysterious Experimentation photography series, come down to our office anytime to check out her creative works!

Jocelyn’s works are available to view and purchase from now until the beginning of March. Check out more of her collection here.

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