Radio Frequency – Body Treatments in Portland

What is RF?

Radio Frequency using the FlexSure system utilizes a mono-polar device that delivers radio waves to tighten the skin.

What are the benefits?

FlexSure Body RF offers non-invasive treatments that are quick and easy and require zero downtime. These treatments will help to tighten skin that may have lost elasticity after pregnancy, rapid weight loss, or general ageing.

Who are the best candidates?

The best candidates for Flexsure Body RF are those who want to tighten the skin in a targeted area.

What to Expect?

Before treatment:
A grounding pad will be placed on your back before treatment, and the Flexsure treatment pad will be placed on the area of concern.

During treatment:
The Flexsure treatment pad will feel warm during treatment and will stay in place for 15 minutes.

After treatment:
You may experience mild-moderate erythema (superficial reddening of the skin) and mild edema (swelling) in the treatment area post-treatment.

These treatments work best when paired with targeted exercise directly following treatment. Staying hydrated before and after your treatment is of the utmost importance for optimal results.

Treatment Scheduling:

Treatments are done in a series spaced 2-4 weeks apart.