April 2014 – Sports Eye Safety Month

This month is Sports Eye Safety Month. Protecting your eyes during your favorite sports is so important- over 40,000 athletes suffer from eye injuries every year. Protective eyewear can prevent countless injuries, some that can lead to permanent vision damage or blindness. You should never be wearing traditional prescription eyewear while playing sports! It is very dangerous as most lens materials are not shatterproof.

At South Waterfront Eye Care, we carry and recommend DIVISION1 Specs for your sports eyewear needs. These sporty and stylish frames feature polycarbonate lenses, the top of the line in shatterproof material. We love these awesome frames because they offer all the protection you need within a more sleek look than your traditional sports goggles. The frames have an option to connect around the back of the head with a strap to prevent any movement while you’re playing your sport of choice while shielding your eyes from any possible injury.

DIVISION1 Specs are worn by athletes all over the world. Their (M)FORCE technology helps you withstand the toughest hits by meeting and exceeding standards for impact resistance. They also feature padding around the eyes, brow, and nose to prevent any cuts. Since these frames have many points of contact, they are stronger and more resistant to breakage than ever before!

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