Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!October is National Eye Injury Prevention Month. Did you know that the most common place to get an eye injury is within your own home? Millions of Americans cause damage to their eyes doing everyday household activities, using powerful cleaning solvents like bleach, cooking with hot oil, or performing routine household maintenance with power-tools. Up to 90% of eye injuries are preventable by wearing protective eyewear!

With Halloween just around the corner, please be cautious about this danger to your eyes while you are putting together your costume: cosmetic contacts. Many people love the look of colored contacts, glow in the dark lenses, or custom designed shapes, but be wary. Contacts should not be worn without a prescription and vendors that sell these special contacts without your doctor’s approval and your current contact prescription are breaking the law. Furthermore, since these products are not FDA approved, they can be made with dyes and chemicals that are very dangerous to your eyes! Before purchasing novelty contacts, make sure an optometrist has fit

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