Kids going back to school? It’s time for a vision exam!

Kids going back to school? It’s time for a vision exam!Fall is quickly approaching, which means it’s time for the kids to go back to school! Whether your little one is just entering preschool or starting college this year, comprehensive vision exams serve a great purpose in helping your child succeed.

According to the AOA, 1 in 4 students have a visual impairment that may affect their ability to learn in class. Often, kids with untreated vision problems can feel frustrated or bored in school because they have difficulties reading material or seeing the board.

While your child’s school may provide some basic vision screening, they are not diagnostic and only cover a small selection of vision problems found in children. A full, comprehensive exam is necessary to diagnose your child’s vision problems and to get them the treatment they need to do well in school. Some vision problems can even lie undiagnosed through elementary, middle, and high school, only to cause serious problems in adulthood.

Some signs of childhood vision problems can be:

  • Losing their place while reading
  • Avoids close work or viewing details
  • A tendency to rub eyes
  • Frequent or intense headaches
  • Turns or tilts head to view more clearly
  • Makes frequent reversals when reading or writing
  • Omits or confuses small words when reading
  • Consistently performs below potential
  • Struggles to complete homework
  • Squints while reading or watching television
  • Behavioral problems
  • Holds reading material closer than normal

A child’s first eye exam should be before they enter kindergarten- and even sooner if your child exhibits any of these warning signs that may represent symptoms of a bigger problem.

Please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment or talk to Dr. Mila if you have any concerns for your child’s vision- your child’s school success may depend on it!

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