New Technology: Transitions Vantage Lenses

New Technology: Transitions Vantage LensesSummer’s almost here, do you have the eye protection you need for bright sun conditions?

Many of you may already know about the amazing photochromic technology known as Transitions lenses. Photochromic lenses contain millions of photochromic molecules. Without sunlight, these molecules are arranged at an angle that gives the illusion of a completely clear lens. When energy from light hits these molecules, their chemical structure changes into one plane, so now the darker shade of the lenses appears.

We love standard Transitions lenses because of their quick and efficient change in tint, which gives the wearer a clear lens indoors and a dark lens in direct sunlight. But what Transitions have been lacking is polarization- until now!

Polarization is a type of lens treatment that reduces glare so you can see better in harsh conditions. Unlike traditionally tinted sunglasses, polarized sunwear does not darken your view overall, but selectively chooses the brightest parts of the scene to adjust to a more comfortable brightness.

Transitions now has the technology not only tint lenses, but also to polarize them with their new Vantage lenses. These lenses have considerably more sun protection than a simple tinted Transitions lens. Vantage lenses darken from a virtually clear lens to a fully polarized dark grey sunglass in seconds! This revolutionary new technology for your everyday lenses gives you the ultimate in glare and sun protection while also giving you the convenience of both clear lenses and sun wear!

New Technology: Transitions Vantage Lenses

Come by SWEC anytime to see a demonstration of Transitions’ new Vantage adaptive lenses and check out this video for more information:

Transitions Vantage Lenses Video

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