What Scares Optometrists the Most on Halloween?

What Scares Optometrists the Most on Halloween?It’s officially the season of ghouls and ghosties. October is known for its spooks and frights, but do you know what scares us the most about Halloween?

At SWEC, we believe there is nothing scarier than accidentally doing something to harm your health!

Cosmetic contacts are a fun way to liven up your Halloween costume- but they can come at a high risk to your vision. Contacts that can be purchased without a prescription are not FDA approved and can be made with materials that can harm your eyes. Cosmetic contacts may be spooky, but what’s spookier is that vendors like these are actually breaking the law!

We are excited that this year, at SWEC, we are able to provide 100% legal and safe cosmetic contacts for Halloween with a valid contact lens prescription. Check out the styles below for what we have available to order!

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